The 12” Macbook pro is a super cool laptop, but it has two things that make Cryptovoxels run really slow:

  • A weak GPU
  • A retina display with many pixels

I just had a report from Deiv in the discord that the app was running smoother on his phone than on his mac, and asking if there was a way to run the engine in mobile mode on desktop.

And so now there is! /play?performance=low

It enables mobile rendering mode, with a simpler skybox, lower view distance, stronger fog and less visual effects (no vignette). While I was there, I also call engine.setHardwareScalingLevel(2) to downsample the canvas that is rendered to. This gives an even greater speed bump, but causes the graphics to look like DOOM from 1993, which is actually a kind of cool aesthetic.

Anyway, if you’re on a weak GPU, or you’re getting a bad framerate and really want to stomp around at high speed, try running the engine in low performance mode. 😊