On Thursday I took the Cryptovan down to the beach in Wellington and parked up. I had to go forward and reverse a few times until I found a nice flat park, with the back of the van facing north so the sun streamed in. It’s a few days after the winter solstice here, and the temperature is about 13°, but it’s lovely sitting in the van and getting out of the house.

While I was there I had a good chat with @jin about JanusVR and the interlinking of virtual worlds, portals in exokit and basically the future of webvr.

Then I had a call from Mike at Loom. I didn’t realise Mike was a salesman, I just thought he was a cool guy telling me about his project. He also didn’t tell me that Loom has as monthly fee (luckily the CV discord channel flagged that for me), but despite that - I gotta say, these layer 2 networks sound super awesome.

The idea is that you have $COLR in your Ethereum wallet, then you create an in-world wallet (where the cryptovoxels javascript holds your private keys, which is really scary, but the bridge that takes your $COLR from Metamask -> Loom can limit it so that you can only send $10 worth of COLR into your in-world wallet at a time).

The cool thing is, the in-world wallet has around 1 second confirmation time, so once you have moved some funds into your in-world wallet, you can do something like shoot $COLR blocks at another player, and that player will instantly get the $COLR in their wallet. No waiting for 2 minutes for ethereum to complete, no gas fees. (That’s why Loom costs money, because I’d in effect be paying the gas fees the in-world transactions).

Being able to do on-chain transactions at realtime in the world would be awesome. Want to buy a hat off someone - do it in world instantly, want to shoot $COLR at someone to say thanks for the guided tour, instant, no metamask popup - just hit C or something and click a few times to spray some $COLR around.

Anyway - productive day in the Cryptovan. Not sure if I’ll chose Loom, or Matic, or one of the other layer 2 solutions, still have to read about them, but it’s now definitely at the top of my ideas list.