I keep putting off having a proper builders competition in Cryptovoxels, because we don’t have public build areas (yet!), so you’d have to be a land owner before you could submit something in the competition. But the prize is to win some land in Origin City - so it’s a catch 22.

But then Devil came up with an awesome idea! A creators competition where you create content that shows what Cryptovoxels is, and also to create voxel models that can be used in world.

Cryptovoxels Creators Contest

Introducing the first creators contest.

Three high-ceiling parcels, right on the junction of Shenzhen and Midtown, with $COLR already staked, are the prizes for this competition.

There are three ways you can enter the competition:

Video entry - showcase the awesome art and community of Cryptovoxels in a trailer style video.

Parcel build - if you already own a parcel, or have someone who will give you edit rights to their parcel, you can do an in-world build and submit it to the competition.

Vox modelling - do highlight the awesome work possible by voxel artists, create a 32x32x32 .vox model (using Magicavoxel, or Voxedit or various iPad editors) and submit your .vox and a screenshot.

Nb: By submitting an entry to the competition, you are agreeing to license your content as Creative Commons, so we can remix it and use it to show off Crypytovoxels.

Submit your entry by tweeting @cryptovoxels, or posting in their #contest discord channel.

Entries will be judged by a panel of the owners of the original 3 parcels, Sam, Nick and Myself. Judges decision is final.

The contest begins today and ends October 1st. Good Luck!

More details here.