There is amazing content in Cryptovoxels, but it’s hard to find. So I’m doing some work to make it easier to find. It’s a pleasant way to spend an afternoon, exploring all the art galleries of Cryptovoxels, and stumbling upon a build you haven’t seen before - but for new people, and people who are busy and time constrained (as most of us are to be fair), it’d be nice to drop straight into some of the best content in the world.


I was looking at some old screenshots of flickr on the other day and stumbled upon something kind of fun, tag clouds.


I didn’t want to have to go through and tag each and every parcel in the world of cryptovoxels - but happily, most of the text on signs and the rich text signs, is in the database and indexable from a big old json field. After doing some really gross and weird sql (tsvectors and json subqueries and with queries), I got this list of words!

Some tags to explore:


Next up was to display an image of parcels so you had an idea of what you were going to visit. I’ve got some code kicking around for taking cubemaps of the inside of the parcel, then you can use something like pannellum to display a 360° preview - but I haven’t worked out how to automate it on AWS yet so I can generate previews for the whole world - but that’s next.