Destros, aka Destroy With Science has been working with me on Cryptovoxels since mid-August. He’s a Javascript developer from way back, having worked extensively on Patchwork and Loopdrop. His work on Patchwork is super interesting because it is a decentralized social network, which will help on our journey to a decentralized metaverse.

I initially brought Destros on to create a soundtrack for the game, and once he had the ambient music tracks and sound effects nailed down, he jumped straight in and started building out the audio engine. Then, because he’s a land owner as well, he started fixing some bugs that have been annoying him, and it’s all snowballed from here.

Here for example are the bugs fixed by Destros in the last 24 hours:

  • Fix voice chat stuck on after request permissions and add talking overlay
  • update help text on TAB menu to show all shortcuts #54
  • consistent handling of 2 dimensional voxel selection, plus some other build fixes
  • fix editing by contributors
  • many fixes to build controls
  • refactor tool to force one at a time (before, if you pressed 1 and then e, both tools would activate at the same time)
  • fix nulling url on cancel (for … on link url)
  • fix clipped signs (now refreshing scale on text change)
  • fix block placer getting stuck (caused by pressing tab mid drag)
  • fixes right-click to open context menu before pointer lock engaged
  • adds right click to open menu when pointer lock is engaged fix button mouse UX (using mouseUp instead of down to make consistent with how OS buttons work)

Now Cryptovoxels is about 1.5 full time equivalents, and we’re still 100% funded from land sales. A huge thank you to everyone that believes in and supports Origin City, we’re really enjoying building this huge virtual city. 🥰 🏙