The Cryptovoxels roadmap exists mostly in my head, and in a bunch of github issues on the issue tracker. While I’m sitting at this cafe, I thought I’d try and put a braindump down of everything in my head for the next few major versions of Cryptovoxels. This post is the approximate road map over the next few versions (we’re on version 1.0 now, hoping to release 2.0 in July and 3.0 in October).

Better Social Tools

Currently it’s hard to find other people in the world. You can hear them WOMP in, but you don’t know where they are, you can’t teleport to them, and if you do find people, there’re not much you can do to interact with them. I think VRChat and Altspaces show fun can be to play with other people, so it gives some guidance to these features.

  • Voice chat
  • User profile (show user name, description, parcels owned, inventory)
  • Emote
  • More animations (wave, dance)
  • Join / leave messages
  • Teleport to user
  • Private chat rooms
  • Persistent chat
  • Show users on map
  • Outline distant users

Better build tools

What people build in world is amazing, and what makes the city worth visiting and exploring, so sharpening the tools that people work with, make them quicker and more intuitive, less buggy and more powerful is always a priority.

  • Import / export scene support
  • Drag and drop tile editing
  • Full colour tiles
  • “Owner Preview” - what your parcel would look like in full $COLR
  • Out of bounds indicator
  • Drag to draw walls
  • Mode selector for place, drag or paint voxels
  • Persistent voxel menu on heads up display

Performance work

This is always ongoing, but the high level goals are:

  • Load faster (less than 1 second on a good connection)
  • No dropped frames (no jank or glitches when parsing the parcel)
  • Implement and measure experimental performance improvements like instancing, atlasing and batching features on a per-parcel basis


This feature always feels like it’s one solid day of work away, but it really needs some focussed coding to get the version 1 scripting API out.

  • NPM module that sets up the scripting environment for a parcel and listens for clients connecting over a websocker
  • Add id and class to every feature in the parcel so that they can be programatically found and updated
  • Implement streaming updates protocol so the script engine can send updates to the parcel
  • Add events for playerenter, playerleave, onchat
  • Add Babylon GUI elements to the features menu, so you can add buttons, sliders, levers and text entry forms to your parcel and trigger scripted events
  • Improve regeneration of features so that small incremental changes (eg changing position or scale) don’t trigger a full remeshing of the feature

Bugfixes and Miscellaneous

There are always a hundred other things on the todo list for Cryptovoxels, but bugfixes are always high up the priority list. I try and spend about half of my developer time on fixing existing bugs, and the other half implementing new features. Some new hotness that’s in the works:

  • Live updated map
  • Rotating preview video on OpenSea
  • Improved NFT Detail page showing price and history
  • Use OpenGraph tags to show 3D world preview when sharing in-world links on facebook / twitter